will the end of the novels be different from that of the series?

zaib055July 13, 2022

George RR Martin shares some insight into the long-awaited conclusion to his literary saga.

After eight seasons on HBO, Game Of Thrones finally bowed out, not without a certain wave of discontent on the side of the fans. It must be said that the creators David Benioff and DB Weiss hadn’t been advancing on marked ground for several seasons. They had long since surpassed the novels of the writer George RR Martin, who are still waiting to be offered a conclusion.

We are still waiting for two books to close the adventures of the family stark. While currently working on the development of Tea Winds of Winterhe often has to answer questions about the path the plot will take. Many wonder if it will be substantially the same conclusion as for the series.

On his blog, which is not one, he explains:

“Another question I get asked a lot, especially since Game of Thrones is at HBOit’s so A Song of Ice & Fire will end the same way. An architect would probably be able to give you a short, concise and simple answer; but I’m more of a gardener. My stories evolve and change as I write them. I usually know where I’m going… the final destination, the big story pieces have been living in my head for decades. For A Song of Ice and Firethe devil is in the details, and sometimes the ground shifts under my feet as the words flow.

As one could imagine, the author does not refuse the possibility of changing his tune along the way. Note that he clarified that some things that happened in the series will not happen in the novels, and vice versa. This conclusion will therefore have a different flavor.

Another 11 years to wait?

The readers of Iron Throne had their patience tested. The last time the novelist published a book from his saga was in 2011. Since then, he has mainly focused on side stories and other side books. The adventure of stark is therefore suspended. He is working on it, but is obviously not ready to give an exit deadline.

Especially since it won’t be the last novel, HAS dream of Spring will be an opportunity to really close the stories of our characters. Again, this should not be for now. The Throne of Iron will remainunfinished?

One thing is certain, Martin will continue to expand his universe on the small screen. While House of tea Dragon is due to land next August, many other projects are in development. We recently learned that set Harington was working on a spin-off centered on the character of Jon Snow.

Other derivative productions are also in the works, HBO doesn’t want to let her golden egg goose sleep. It remains to be seen whether it will be successful.

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