Memes That Perfectly Sum Up The Biggest Villains

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Warning: The article contains Game of Thrones clips that show a depiction of violence.

With the first looks showing posters of Targaryen dragonsfans await the release of House of the Dragon on August 21, leaving many curious about how the new prequel will compare to Game Of Thrones. It is unclear who will serve as the prequel’s primary villains, but it does have shoes to fill, considering the original series became renowned for having complex and brutal villains like Cersei Lannister and Ramsey Bolton.

There was no shortage of villains throughout Game Of Thrones’ eight seasons, with some like Joffrey Baratheon and Petyr Baelish purely disliked by the fans. However, the final season also took an unexpected turn when fan-favorite Daenerys Targaryen turned to the dark side herself. These central villains are so prominent there have been dozens of memes like these created dedicated to their character.


Cersei Lannister

Cersei meme about wine from Game of Thrones.

Source: Twitter

Cersei Lannister is one of the most vindictive villains in the series. The audience knew how dangerous she was when Ned made of mistake of confronting her about her secrets. She did everything in her power to knock down any possible threat that threatened her and her children, but she has been knocked down a peg when she ends up in jail by the High Sparrow.

Though Cersei orchestras a lot, she is seen doing very little in the series. Many fans find it funny all of the terrible things she did were conducted often sitting at a table sipping wine. While Cersei had a depth of character, this meme is right on point because her acts were in the background with her privilege depicted on screen.

Joffrey Baratheon

Meme comparing Joffrey Baratheon from Game of Thrones to 2020.

Source: Reddit

Joffrey Baratheon didn’t deserve the throne, but that’s not why many fans wanted to see him die. He was a sadistic young man that did everything he could to humiliate and torment the people around him simply because he thought he could.

This meme compares Joffrey to the year 2020 because it was a struggle for everyone during the pandemic. In a way, Joffrey was just as devastating as a deadly virus, killing many people that got in his way and destroying the lives of countless people. While the comparison is clearly an exaggeration, it proves how disliked he was up to his death.

Alliser Thorne

Meme about Alliser Thorne not liking Jon Snow.

Source: Reddit

Alliser Thorne was cruel to Jon Snow from the moment he joined the Night’s Watch. Jon never did anything to him to antagonize this, but Alliser didn’t like him because his father, Ned Stark, played a part in Robert Baratheon’s rebellion.

He disliked Jon so much that Alliser was happy to see Jon become a steward instead of a Ranger just because he saw that it made the man unhappy. Alliser was responsible for orchestrating Jon’s assassination when he was Commander of the Night’s Watch. Fans were happy to see him executed with the other mutineers because all his character brought to the table was a fight for control and hatred towards a central character.

Walder Frey

Meme about Walder Frey telling Catelyn Stark to kill his wife.

Source: Reddit

There are several terrible people throughout this series, but Walder Frey made it clear he didn’t care about anyone but himself. He even was cruel to his children and all of his wives. He was never loyal to honor or morals and only cared for what he got out of the agreement that benefitted him.

Most fans wished for his death following the Red Wedding. When Catelyn takes his young wife hostage and threatens to kill her if he doesn’t let Robb Stark leave alive, he is unaffected and tells her he can just get another one. This meme represents this scene which illustrates Walder Frey’s heartlessness throughout his long, cruel timeline.

Petyr Baelish

Meme about Baelish telling Sansa he wants to take the iron throne with her.

Source: Reddit

Petyr Baelish orchestrated many of the best twists in the show, but that didn’t make him any more likable. While some fans appreciated his intelligence and drive, he was conniving and his betrayals made him an undeniable villain.

Throughout the series, it was clear that Baelish desired power over all else. However, as time went on, the audience learned that he wanted to marry a much younger Sansa Stark, who always considered him an uncle. This wasn’t only disturbing because he often spoke about her as if she was still an innocent child, but he was also in love with her mother for most of his life. This meme not only blatantly outlines his dark desires but points out that Sansa never gave into this determination.

Night King

Even about the Night King not killing many people.

Source: Reddit

While there were many villains, the Night King was an overarching threat and was always in the background building his army to destroy the human world. He killed many people to build his army of the dead, but he was only responsible for one main character’s death.

It was a little disappointing to see a villain so powerful kill off one important character. While it was sad to see Theon Greyjoy meet his end, it felt anti-climatic, considering the army of the dead offered such a serious threat. It even postponed the war between Cersei Lannister and Daenerys Targaryen. This meme not only sums up the Night King but a (somewhat disappointing) end to a huge plotline in the series.

Daenerys Targaryen

Meme about Daenerys destroying things with "fire and blood".

Source: Reddit

For most of the series, Daenerys Targaryen wasn’t a villain. In fact, she had one of the most interesting storylines and growths. However, as she got closer to her goal of taking back the Iron Throne for her house, she became crueler and less concerned with creating a better world for the people.

The House Targaryen is known for their association with “fire and blood”, using dragons and murder to establish and keep their control, as referenced in this meme. While Daenerys claimed to be better than the ones that came before her, she proved herself to be a villain in the end by unforgivingly destroying and killing to gain control of King’s Landing.

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