The ending of the last book will be different from that of the series

zaib055July 12, 2022

While the series Game Of Thrones ended a few years ago now, the book saga has still not come to a conclusion. a few hours ago, George RR Martin gave some details about his next work and the end of it.

A large part will be totally different »

More than ten years after the release of his last work, George RR Martin is working on the sequel, a work called The Winds of the Winter. In a recent blog post, however, the writer confirmed that the events that will take place in his book will not necessarily be the same as those that have been seen in Game Of Thrones.

In words transcribed by NEWSthe seventy-three-year-old explains: What I’ve noticed lately, however, is that my gardening keeps taking me further away from the TV series. Yes, some things you may have seen in Game of Thrones on HBO will also be in The Winds of Winter… but a large part of it will be totally different.. »

George RR Martin concludes by evoking his working methods: “ I am at work in my winter garden. Things grow… and change, just like we gardeners do. Lthings pivot, change, new ideas appear, old ones turn out to be impractical, I write, I rewrite, I tear everything up and I rewrite again, I break down doors that are dead ends, and others which lead to wonders. It sounds crazy, I know. But that’s how I work. This has always been the case. And it always will be. For better and for worse. »

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