George RR Martin warns that the final volumes will be very different from the series

zaib055July 12, 2022

George RR Martin - Neilson Barnard - Getty Images North America - AFP

George RR Martin – Neilson Barnard – Getty Images North America – AFP

George RR Martin has not finished yet The Winds of Winter and A Dream of Springthe sixth and seventh parts of his literary saga A Song Of Ice And Fire (The iron Throne in VF). However, he has just offered some additional information on these two books to which he has devoted himself for more than a decade.

“I’m working on my winter garden”, wrote the novelist on his site. “Things grow and change, like when you garden. Things move, new ideas come up (thanks to my muse), old ideas turn out to be impossible to use, I write, I rewrite, I I restructure, I start from scratch and I rewrite everything. I open doors that lead to dead ends and others that allow me to reach marvelous worlds.”

George RR Martin took advantage of this rare speech to reassure his fans: if the two books will have points in common with the last episodes of the hit HBO series, “the majority [de ce que vous y découvrirez] will be different”, he announces. “All the characters who survived the end of the series will not necessarily be alive at the end of the novel”, he warns, before adding: “Some will survive, too . Of course. Most. But not all. Of course, I can decide to change everything next week, when I look into the next chapter I have to write.”

“I wish I had stayed ahead with the books”

Game Of Thrones caught up with the story of the novels as early as Season 5, forcing the writers away from it. Last year, when asked about the differences between his books and the series, George RR Martin had confided in 2021 to the show WTTW Chicago that the last two books of his saga will offer plots independent of the series, and will have a different ending from the HBO series.

“Looking back, I wish I had stayed ahead with the books,” the author said. “My biggest problem is that when they started the series, I already had four books edited, and the fifth came out when the series started, in 2011. I had a head start of five pounds, and they’re gigantic pounds, as you know; I never believed for a moment that they would catch me, but they did. They caught me and passed me.”

“It was a little weird because the show was ahead of me and going in a little different directions,” he added. “So I’m still working on the book, but you’ll see my end when it comes out.” HBO is now betting on half a dozen series derived from GOTwhose one dedicated to Jon Snow. House of the Dragonwhich is based on the novel Fire & Bloodand will center on House Targaryen, will air in late August on OCS.

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