Who was Joseph Quinn’s Game of Thrones character?

zaib055July 11, 2022

The fourth season of Stranger Things recently wrapped up, and the breakout star has been Joseph Quinn, who plays metal-loving super-senior Eddie Munson. It’s made people curious about Quinn’s past work, including a brief stint on Game Of Thrones.

Yes, Quinn did appear on HBO’s mega-hit, albeit only for one scene. He played a Winterfell guard named Koner who was reluctant to let Arya Stark enter the castle in the season 7 episode “The Spoils of War.” No one had seen her for years, so how was he to know she was who she said she was?

It’s too bad Quinn’s role didn’t last longer than this one scene. We don’t know what happened to his character, although he was probably at least at great risk during the battle against the dead in “The Long Night.”

What happened to Joseph Quinn at Comic-Con?

Anyway, Quinn went on to snag his role in Stranger Thingswhere he became an overnight celebrity. A clip of him at London Comic Con getting teary on stage went viral. This was on July 10, the last day of the con.

Although the audio isn’t perfect, it sounds like Quinn is moved to tears by a fan on a microphone thanking him for being so kind to them when he met them earlier.

Although Quinn has been in the acting biz for years, Stranger Things greatest increased his profile, and it’s got to be emotional becoming so popular so fast. Going forward, the sky’s the limit for Quinn.

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