Game of Thrones author George RR Martin shares that ‘Winds of Winter’ will be different from the TV series

zaib055July 11, 2022

Winds of winter

Even though ‘Game of Thrones’ the TV series ended in 2019, the buzz around Westeros is far from ending. Soon HBO will release the prequel series, ‘House of Dragons’ and in the meanwhile, there are other spin-off shows under development, specifically the Jon Snow spin-off which will reportedly stat the Game of Thrones actor Kit Harrington reprising his role.

Now, fans are growing very curious about the book, ‘Winds of Winter’ by author George RR Martin and see where it can all be different.

For the universal, up until Season 5, the series, ‘Game of Thrones’ followed George RR Martin’s books but Season 6 onwards the script of the show was an original and not adapted from any book.

Fans of the show will remember that Season 5 of the book and the series ended with the brothers of Castle Rock (The Wall) murdering Jon Snow.

Now, fans want to know how George RR Martin is going to give shape to the rest of the story and also the big climax.

The author will be aware that the much-loved show also received a lot of hate and resentment for the way the finale of the series shaped up in Season 8. Those who watched the show with such dedicated devotion were left disappointed at the way things panned out and the paths taken by characters left alive on the show.

It seems like George RR Martin has decided to share how ‘Winds Of Winter’ the book will turn out and how much it will deviate from the TV version of things.

As reported by We Got This Covered, author George RR Martin wrote, “What I have noticed more and more of late, however, is my gardening is taking me further and further away from the television series. Yes, some of the things you saw on HBO in Game of Thrones you will also see in The Winds of Winter, but much of the rest will be quite different.”

The author also shared that even the deaths in the books will be different from the series. He said, “One thing I can say, in general, enough terms that I will not be spoiling anything: Not all of the characters who survived until the end of Game of Thrones will survive until the end of A Song of Ice and Fire, and not all of the characters who died on Game of Thrones will die in A Song of Ice and Fire.”

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