Maisie Williams (Game of Thrones) unrecognizable in a series on the legendary Sex Pistols!

zaib055July 5, 2022

Welcome to the “underground” London of the 1970s. Signed Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire), the new miniseries Pistol of Disney+unveiled this Wednesday, July 6, traces the three crazy years of existence of the legendary group Sex Pistols, from their greatest escapades to their best titles. In the background is mainly depicted the social crisis which divides England and the revolutionary wind which shakes it, thanks to a deeply punk and exciting staging. Among the cast, we find Maisie Williams, legendary Arya in Game Of Thrones (actress says she thought Arya was queer), who embodies someone close to the group. On the occasion of the release of the series on the SVOD platform, the actress returns for Télé-Loisirs to this unprecedented experience.

Maisie Williams opens up about preparing for the series Pistol

Télé-Loisirs: Did you know the Sex Pistols before the series?

Maisie Williams: I knew without understanding. It was during the filming, watching the boys work on the songs, that I really understood their music and the power of their lyrics. I was finally able to measure the impact they had at the time.

You play Jordan Mooney, a close friend of the band. Were you able to chat with her?

I had the chance to discuss with her about her history and the creation of the group, because she participated in it in a certain way. With Steve Jones [guitariste et membre fondateur, ndlr], they really transmitted to us the insane essence of this time and their links.

“I embody and assume this side of sex, danger and desire”

You are particularly unrecognizable in this role…

The transformation was key because Jordan is a punk fashion icon. Every morning it took a lot of people and hours to help me put on all that rubber. [Elle rit.] It’s crazy to be wrapped in leather and plastic all day. But thanks to that, I embody and assume this “sex, danger and desire” side.

As a Brit, have you discovered another side of London through the series?

Completely. We even shot at the mythical 100 Club, 50 years after the group’s concert. We discovered lots of memories there, the imprint of the whole band remained there. It was a very spiritual moment… In addition, it was during confinement: all of London was closed and silent. But we were there, making the music ring out!

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