10 Unpopular Game Of Thrones Opinions, According To Reddit

zaib055July 4, 2022

Tea HBO hit series Game Of Thrones is one of the most talked-about television series, for both good and bad reasons. Every fan has their own opinion, but overall, the fanbase seems to agree on certain aspects of the series, especially when it comes to the season finale.

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While the most expressive fans rallied on the website Reddit to discuss their shared feelings and theories about the show, a small group clustered around several “Unpopular Opinions” threads. Just when the fans appeared to settle down after the chaos from the series’ end, a few came out to shake up the conversation with unpopular opinions of their own.

10 “Game Of Thrones Is Massively Overrated”

While most TV sets tuned in to watch Game Of Thrones religiously, some couldn’t make it past one episode, let alone a full season. To be fair to this group, the series is a political drama under the guise of a fantasy epicand it takes its time to pick up the pace.

Not everyone is interested in drawn-out series that rely on dialogue and minute details, though those who believe the show is overrated and not worth the watch are few and far between.

9 “Peter Dinklage Didn’t Deserve Most Of The Emmy Nominations And Wins”

Game Of Thrones was certainly a career booster for many of its actors, but Peter Dinklage, who played Tyrion Lannister, enjoyed the most significant career change. The already fairly well-known actor earned 4 Emmy nominations and 4 wins as Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series for his role as Tyrion. However, not everyone agrees it was fully earned.

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One fan on Reddit expressed how unimpressed they were with Dinklage. They emphasized how Dinklage’s co-actors were greatly ignored by the Emmys and deserved just as many accolades, if not more.

8 “Sansa Didn’t Deserve The Hate”

In season 1 of Game of Thrones, Sansa was an unlikeable character, but some fans believe the hate thrown at her was way too harsh. Coming across as a spoiled and pretentious girl, Sansa rubbed many viewers up the wrong way, especially when it came to her affinity for Joffrey – one of the most hated antagonists in television.

after her father, Ned, was beheaded, most viewers failed to see Sansa as a prisoner with limited options, but the few fans who’d been cheering her on since season 2 spoke out against the criticism of her character. Their defense of Sansa is how she survived through being compliant. Although it wasn’t the most exciting strategy, it kept her alive in King’s Landing until her escape.

7 “Cleganebowl Was A Bit Of A Disappointment”

With most modern-day shows, fans amassed a variety of theories about Game Of Thrones. One of the most well-known was “the Cleganebowl.” The Cleganebowl was the theory Sandor Clegane (The Hound) and his brother Gregor Clegane (The Mountain) were destined to fight one another. Considering Sandor’s thirst for revenge against his sadistic elder brother drove most of his actions, it was the perfect way to close out his character arc. Most fans praised the battle of the brothers as one of the few redeeming factors of season 8, but there are others who felt it was a huge disappointment.

6 “Arya Became A Nuisance To Watch”

As the MVP of the battle against the White Walkers, Arya became one of the most talked-about characters in the series. While the masses praised her name, some viewers stopped worshiping Arya Stark long before the Battle of Winterfell. While there are some Arya-haters who disliked her early on, most say their approval diminished as she trained under the Faceless Men.

The Faceless Men arc is one of the most disappointing parts of the series, and many fans agreed it pinpointed the moment the show began to dip in quality. However, a few believe it had a critical impact on Arya’s character. Regardless, the unpopular opinion that formed was how Arya became overpowered and a complete snob.

5 “I Loved Ramsay As A Character”

As despicable as he was, some fans earnestly say they took a liking to Ramsay Bolton’s character, though not in the way most fans like a character. This group of fans admits they hate everything Ramsay did and have little sympathy and forgiveness for him; but as a villain, he intrigues them.

As someone who earned their political power, unlike Joffrey who was privileged from birth, there’s a twisted sense of respect among Ramsay fans. It isn’t rare to see a psychotic villain garner positive attention from a fanbase. There are people who love Hannibal Lecter and the Joker too, and not because they’re in any way likable, but because their twisted actions are so far from the norm, viewers can’t help but look their way.

4 “Season 8 Didn’t Destroy The Show”

One of the biggest conversation starters for a Game Of Thrones fan is the slightest mention of season 8. It was a finale that sparked so much contempt from the fanbase that more than 3 million signed a petition for the showrunners to remake the entire season from scratch.

In spite of the mobs of fans who hated the final season, there are, believe it or not, a few who think season 8 wasn’t that bad. While this incredibly small group agrees the final season wasn’t as good as past seasonsthey think the critique and anger from the fanbase was disproportionate.

3 “The Close To Dany And Jaime’s Character Bows Are Perfectly Fitting”

Fans took massive issue with the sudden changes in both Danaerys Targaryen and Jaime Lannister’s characters. Danaerys had become a hero fighting against oppression, while Jaime revealed a kinder side that wasn’t as fixed on Cersei. However, in two separate scenes, those likable traits were torn down. Dany massacred an entire city of innocent people to take the Iron Throne, while Jaime deserted Brienne to run back to Cersei.

The unpopular opinion here is that the sudden change wasn’t as sudden as people think. Dany always had a bit of a power-hungry side to her, while Jaime was always selfish and deeply in love with Cersei. These fans agree the development was rushed in the last two seasons, but the actions and repercussions of their actions are perfectly fitting for these two characters.

2 “More Blame Needs To Be Put On George RR Martin”

While the showrunners, David Benioff and DB Weiss, have received nothing but criticism and hate for how they closed Game Of Thrones, the author of the original book series, George RR Martin, has been reaping riches from the hit series. Many fans believe Benioff and Weiss, popularly called D&D, were merely copying what author Martin had written. Once they caught up with the books, fans believe D&D had no original ideas, which is what made the show suffer.

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A small percentage of fans shared their unpopular opinion that the showrunners didn’t deserve all the hate and Martin deserved some blame. They explain Martin didn’t give them enough to work with, especially as he helped give them pointers on how to end the adaptation. Others complain his open world is so overly-complex that there’s no way anyone could do it justice on television.

1 “I’m Grateful To The Showrunners”

It’s nothing historical to have a fanbase express frustration towards their favorite show’s creators, but with the degree of backlash and contempt from the Game Of Thrones fanbase, it’s no surprise the showrunners David Benioff and DB Weiss almost completely disappeared from the limelight. Though the frustrations most fans have toward them are varied, there are some who think it’s unnecessary.

In a surprise change of pace for the fanbase, one fan shared their appreciation of D&D’s work, expressing how they believe the series is “a remarkable achievement.” They point out how adaptations aren’t as easy to make as most might think, so the success and popularity Game Of Thrones achieved is a testament to the showrunners’ brilliance.

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