10 Potential Sequel Shows, According To Reddit

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After the recent news that another Game Of Thrones spinoff is in development, fans are excited to see the titular character, Jon Snow, back to their screens. While the character was somewhat of a disappointment in the show’s final season, it’s a chance to see him return and redeem himself after the lackluster ending.

Aim Game Of Thrones had a massive cast, and most of its characters faced similar endings. Given that, it’s possible that more characters than just Jon Snow might end up with spin-offs that can depict some events that occur after the ending of the main show. And, really, they would certainly deserve it.


Return Of The Queen

Daenerys and Dragons in Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon

After the ending of Game Of Thrones saw the death of Daenerys Targaryen and her dragons, her storyline felt incredibly unsatisfactory. After all, where was the build-up? Where was the culmination of her arc? Where was the justice she so desperately wanted?

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A sequel show could provide that. “Dany gets resurrected by the Red Priestess and goes on a little hunting trip,” suggests Redditor choff22. Whether that means taking on the enemies of her family or tracking down Jon Snow and crossing over with his show, it could be incredibly interesting.

The Giant And Her Bane

One of the most hilarious Game Of Thrones characters, Tormund Giantsbane was absolutely besotten with Brienne of Tarth. Yet the two were eventually separated, and fans never really got to see how they would get along outside of the context of the Long Night. But a show could really help explore it.

“The Long Night is over and humanity has withered away until just two remain: Brienne of Tarth and Tormund Giantkiller. Find out what happens when he’s literally the last man on earth left,” says Reddit user usuallinestepper1. It would be a pretty fun comedy series, especially as they can both learn there’s more to the other than a hard exterior and an incompatible sense of humor.


Arya and Brienne having a sword fight in the north

Sellswords appeared often in the series, but it would be pretty fun to see a show centered entirely on them. “I would love seeing a team of The Hound, Brienne, Pod, Arya, and Jorah team up with a group of badasses from Essos and travel the Eastern half of Essos,” says Ricktatorship80 on Reddit.

Given that Essos was not one of the best locations in Game Of Thrones and thus wasn’t explored much, it could be a fun opportunity to see more than slave cities and Westeros. Though Jorah, Arya, and the Hound may be unavailable, thanks to Season 8, Brienne and Pod can still set off on an adventure together for the king.

Hot Pie Fixes The World

Not every spin-off needs to be serious. Some of them can just be off-the-wall ideas that involve underutilized characters in weird situations. “I want a Hotpies Kitchen Nightmares spinoff where he goes around struggling fixing Inns and Taverns,” says Redditor DBHOV.

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Hot Pie was a relatively minor character, but his love of cooking made him fun and entertaining. He could do well for himself wandering the kingdom, improving conditions for the smallfolk one step at a time. Besides, given how intricate food can be in the books, there could be a lot for him to explore.

The Rest Of The Stories

The Night King from Game of Thrones

Long before the White Walkers set foot south of the Wall, a member of the Stark household was telling stories of wights, the Children of the Forest, and spiders as big as hounds. Yet, while Old Nan’s stories turned out to be true in one of the show’s best twistsfans never really got to see the spiders.

The Long Night really never happened either, given it only lasted a single battle. That’s why Reddit user Ako_Si_Yan says, “Would be nice to get a mini series featuring all of Old Nan’s tales.” It can give fans the chance to see parts of the stories that didn’t end up coming true, and it can even show where those stories came from.

The Night Comes Again

The Night King aims his spear at one of Daenerys' fire-breathing dragons in Game of Thrones.

Given how short the Long Night ended up being, some fans have been calling for a sequel series with a longer night and more threats. “Set many years after the Main series, and takes place in a Westeros that resembles are modern day world,” says Reddit user darrylthedudeWayne. “And explores what has happened there over the past years, the characters in it, and a new threat from the stars, as well as the return of the Others like the other idea.

The White Walkers brought many visually breathtaking scenes, but a sequel entirely devoted to them could be a poor idea. After all, the wider fanbase certainly wasn’t impressed with their performance in Season 8, so the stakes will feel considerably lower. They just don’t feel like a threat anymore.

The Smallfolk

Game of Thrones Flea Bottom

A major theme of the early seasons of Game Of Thrones was the struggles the smallfolk suffered. As starvation ran rampant, and Margaery desperately tried to aid the poor, fans got the chance to catch a few glimpses at how the lowest run of Westerosi society lived. But it really wasn’t enough to get a fitting picture.

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“I want to explore the mundane life in Westeros in a comedy form. Follow a person from the bottom of the food chain on a quest to get a promotion in a bakery in flea bottom in Kings Landing,” says Redditor bluehaven101. It could be entertaining, and it could also explore some of the themes the show failed to capitalize on. Besides, it could show off how Bran the Broken manages as king.

A Knight Of The Seven Kingdoms

Jaime Lannister knights Brienne

While Game Of Thrones had many characters who lived to see its end, few ever got extreme focus, thanks to the ensemble cast. “I’d personally love to see something similar to the Witcher where you have this one guy (probably a knight in this case) who is a massively skilled fighter and gets involved in loads of politics throughout the kingdoms with multiple different plot threads all with him in the forefront,” says Reddit user -Blood_Raven-.

It can certainly help promote more detail for the show, given the fact cuts between scenes limited the ability to fully comprehend each region’s politics. After all, most fans certainly can’t tell the difference between Braavos and Essos, and a series focusing on one individual can help establish those details.

The Free Cities

While Daenerys spent a considerable amount of time in the slave cities in Essos, not much time was spent in the free cities. “Imagine a series focusing on the intrigues between the Free Cities: Braavos, Lorath, Myr, Lys, Norvos, Pentos, Qohor, Tyrosh, and Volantis, all jockeying for dominance over Essosi trade, each with their own internal political fights between their major houses,” says Redditor InternetBoredom.

It certainly opens up the opportunity for fresh settings and politics, and the lack of one defined king can help one power from getting too far in the forefront. It would certainly also help the show add some fresh new villains to the Game Of Thrones franchise.

West of Westeros

Maisie Williams as Arya Stark in Game of Thrones series finale

The character with the most opportune setting for a spin-off show is certainly Arya Stark. Since she’s set off on a mission west of Westeros, she can discover all-new lands and explore territories with a loyal crew at her side. “Given the stories are pretty much complete for everyone else, a spin-off about Arya, if written well, might actually be really good,” says roganjp1 on Reddit.

Whether the show is comedic like Our Flag Means Death or a dramatic pirate series with a trained assassin at its helm, the show can certainly be a lot of fun. Besides, who doesn’t want to see more from one of the quickest killers in the Seven Kingdoms?

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