The 7 series to see this summer

zaib055July 3, 2022

Posted Jul 3, 2022, 3:20 PM

Summer will not be light on TV. The platforms have concocted a rather intense program for these two summer months between very suffocating thrillers like “Blackbird” which takes place in a high security prison in Missouri or “Under the banner of God” located in a small town. Mormon from Utah, two series drawn from dark true stories.

But it will be especially towards the end of August that the series planet will be agitated with the arrival of the two most awaited heavyweights for several years now: the prequels of Game Of Thrones and Lord of the Rings…


The big sharks of the City’s finances are back for a second season. Between the formidable manipulator Dominic Morgan (Patrick Dempsey) and the still (slightly) idealistic young wolf (Alessandro Borghi), the rag is still burning. This time, the backdrop of this series of Italian origin is no longer the financial crisis of 2008 but nothing less than Brexit, trade tensions between China and the United States, Donald Trump and the arrival of the coronavirus. …

Although not very original, this politico-financial thriller plunges us back into events that have in fact changed the world. On OCS July 5.


Another series based on a true story. That of James Keene, a young dealer from an influential family in Illinois. Sentenced to ten years in prison for drug trafficking, he is offered the cancellation of his sentence if he succeeds in making a suspected serial killer speak. Incarcerated in a high security prison for the insane, the latter is said to have murdered and buried several young girls.

Taron Edgerton (the hero of “Kingsman” and “Rocketman”) interprets the trafficker full of resources against the “monster” Paul Walter Hauser (The Richard Jewell Case), formidable in ambiguity. A good prison thriller from Dennis Lehane. July 8 on AppleTV+.


A woman fell from a boat and lost her memory after being in a coma for several weeks. Apparently she tried to kill herself. Little by little Sophie (Gugu Mbatha-Raw), however, begins to doubt this version of the story and tries to understand why she would have wanted to end her life when she seemed happy. Is it a plot orchestrated by her husband or the work of his sick imagination?

The plot may seem classic (it is particularly reminiscent of that of “Marcella”) but the series is beautifully crafted, well acted and San Francisco is so cinematic… On AppleTV+ July 29.

By order of God

Taken from a terrible incident that occurred in a small Mormon town in Utah in 1984, this miniseries was largely inspired by New York Times journalist Jon Krakauer’s bestseller “Under the banner of God”. And recounts how two members of an influential family from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LSDs as they call themselves) were able to carry out the savage murder of their sister-in-law and her baby. .

Andrew Garfield (Superman) intensely embodies the main policeman, whose faith will be severely tested by what he will discover about the origins of his Mormon religion. A very dark story with a complex realization. On Disney+ Star July 27.

queer as a folk

Emblematic of the late 1990s, the incredible original series by Russel T. Davies had already been the subject of a good American remake by Showtime between 2000 and 2005. This time, it’s Peacock, the channel’s platform NBC, which transplanted the story of a group of LGBTQ+ friends to New Orleans whose lives will be turned upside down by a shooting at the queer club they used to frequent, inspired by that of Orlando six years ago.

The idea was good but the direction, the dialogues and the casting have neither the energy nor the spice of the series of Russel T. Davies, author also of the recent and great “It’s a sin” (but who is however in the credits of this latest spin-off as a producer). So much for seeing the old ones! On Starzplay July 27.

house of the dragon

Dragons are coming… The arrival of the “Game of Thrones” spin-off has all fans of the saga inspired by George RR Martin’s books in a trance. It is also the author himself who adapted with Ryan Condal this prequel from “Fire and blood”. “House of dragon” is indeed 200 years before the original saga and tells the fall of the Targaryen house with the loss of its dragons.

“History holds no blood, only names,” the platform’s trailer argues. A motto that announces the color and promises to follow the grandiose and violent steps of “GoT” even if the characters are of course different. The cast includes Emma d’Arcy (“Wanderlust”, “Truth seekers”), Paddy Constantine (“Peaky Blinders”), Olivia Cooke (“Bates motel”, “Ready player One”) and Matt Smith (the first Prince Philip in “The Crown”). Let’s hope that this new monster saga from HBO Max will be able to tape us like the original series. On OCS August 22.

The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power

The most expensive series of all time? According to rumors, its production by Amazon would be close to a billion dollars… Fans can no longer wait for this television adaptation of the Tolkien universe imagined by John D. Payne and Patrick McKay from the saga of JRR Tolkien . The events take place during the Second Age, long before the events described in Peter Jackson’s trilogy, at the time of the creation of the famous Rings of Power.

Delayed by the covid, the filming of the first season took place in New Zealand but it continued in the United Kingdom for a second season, already ordered… The cast notably includes Cynthia Addai-Robinson (“ Spartacus”), and Robert Amarayo (“Game of Thrones”). A huge bet for Jeff Bezos’ streaming platform. On Amazon September 2.

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