Neil Patrick Harris, female Hulk, Resident Evil and the return of Game of Thrones

zaib055July 3, 2022

The summer will be full of blockbusters, starting with a new video game adaptation. We had had Halo on Canal + Arcane on Netflix. Here is from July 14 a new reading of Resident Evil.

We know this zombie and horror type video game that takes place in New Racoon, a peaceful little American town in the midwest. There were adaptations to the cinema with Milla Jovovitch. This is the series that goes back to the origins of the T-Virus that turns beings into zombies and its maker, the Umbrella Company.

The series is set in 2022 and 2036 after the drug damages. And the heroine struggles to survive in a world overrun by bloodthirsty creatures. Netflix promises a series closer to video games, horrifying, bloody and futuristic.

Lighter, the return of Neil Patrick Harris. The hero of How I met your mother returns under the direction of Daren Starr, the producer of Emily in Paris and sex and the city for a comedy titled Uncoupled, literally “unmarried”. We’re still in New York. The hero is a man broken by a breakup after 17 years together with her husband. From now on, to him, the joys and the sorrows of the single life that he rediscovers, the dating applications and the difficulties of appointments…

On August 17, Disney+ releases its 26th Marvel series. Feminine Hulk. This is she hulk. After the green giant, here is the green cousin. It’s not Shrek. The heroine is the cousin of the superhero. She is also endowed with magical powers, and it is not always easy.

Finally the whole world will wait patiently for August 22 for the return of the universe of Game Of Thrones.

House of Dragons is the first spin-off from the hit HBO series. It takes place 200 years before the events of the phenomenon series. Back to Westeros, House Targaryen and its dragons. A new war of succession unfolds to obtain the Iron Throne. And a new cast including Emma D’Arcy. See you on August 22 at 3 a.m. on OCS…

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