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zaib055June 27, 2022

The game series Halo has been a household name for the past two decades. It is fair to say that any series based on one of the most popular video game franchises of all time has a pretty big weight on its shoulders. So what can you expect to see from Kyle Killen (Lone Star) and Steven Kane‘s (The Last Ship) Haloset to be released at the end of the month on Paramount+?

Little has been released regarding the actual plot of Halo. We know from the synopsis that Halo is going to be “An epic 26th-century conflict between humanity and an alien threat known as the Covenant. Halo will weave deeply drawn personal stories with action, adventure and a richly imagined vision of the future.” Executive producer Kiki Wolfkill has also revealed that the series is a non-canon standalone story inspired by the game franchise and isn’t intended to be a direct adaptation from the games themselves.


The aesthetic of the games is certainly shown in the trailer which you can watch below. The settings, weapons, and themes all fall in line with the game’s style. Halo is set to follow the story of supersoldier Master Chief, the main character from all the Halo games. From the trailer (and confirmed by the cast list) it appears that much like the games we also have the United Nations Space Command, who work on behalf of the human race to colonize planets and use genetically engineered “Spartans” (a group which Master Chief leads) to protect humanity. The Covenant, an alien race, is also a big part of the Halo games and are the threat we see in the trailer. It is likely from what we have seen so far that this will be a similar theme in the show, however, we don’t want to speculate too much as we know the show will be taking a leap away from the game itself. As a treat for game fans, if you didn’t recognize the signature voice, we love that CortanaMaster Chief’s AI partner in the war against the Covenant (in the video games) is being voiced by Jen Taylor. Taylor has voiced the character for the games since the first game Halo: Combat Evolved in 2001 up until the most recently released game Halo: Infinite in 2021.

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Is There a Trailer for Halo?

There certainly is, feast your eyes on the full official trailer right above.

Is Halo Streaming Online?

Halo‘s first episode streams on March 24 only on Paramount+, with a run time of an hour. Fans can expect the next eight episodes to be released weekly after that. This means that you will need a Paramount+ subscription if you want to watch Halo online. Here’s a link to the landing page for the series, so you will know exactly where to go once the series drops on the streaming service.

If you don’t already have a subscription, you can buy either an ad or ad-free subscription from the Paramount+ website. If you are a paying customer to either Amazon Prime Video or Sky Cinema you can also pay for the Paramount+ channel. One thing to note is that this is specifically for US customers. Paramount+ still hasn’t launched globally, although it is set to launch in the UK on the sites listed above this summer. This does sadly mean that UK fans will have to wait until the 2022 summer launch to catch up with all the episodes of the tent pole series.

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If Master Chief’s revival has you waiting on the edge of your seat, there are plenty of other excellent video game adaptations you can watch right in their entirety right now.

The Witcher (2019-): With Season 2 now released in its entirety on Netflix, The Witcher fever is running pretty high right now. Starring Henry Cavill as the series’ titular brooding character Geralt of Rivia, the show has continued to receive positive reviews for its gritty and nail-biting storylines, fantastic acting, and a soundtrack that will play in your head on a loop (“Toss A Coin To Your Witcher” is still stuck in our heads to this very day). Season 3 is gearing up to begin filming with plenty of content yet to cover, so if you are looking for a new TV addiction, The Witcher is the way to go. A spin-off prequel miniseries titled The Witcher: Blood Origin is set to bow on Netflix later this year and stars Michelle Yeoh and Sophia Brown. An animated spin-off film titled The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolfhit Netflix last August and received glowing reviews from fans.

Arcane (2021-): Arcane blue people’s minds. Whether you love or hate League of Legends or frankly don’t care, the graphic animated series starring Ella Purnell and Hailee Steinfield is a must-watch. It took nearly seven years for breakthrough animation company Fortiche Productions to produce the show, and it was well worth the long wait. The details and style is unlike anything you have seen before, with a cracking title song by imagine Dragons and JID and a story which will both make and break your heart. You can watch the first season on Netflix right now. Unfortunately, Season 2 isn’t due until late next year at the earliest, but judging from the wait for the first season, we will surely be in for a treat once it drops.

Castlevania (2017-2021): Sticking with Netflix series but going a little more old-school, Castlevania is a glorious and gory animated series based off the third game in the Castlevania game series. You may have guessed that the plot is based around the infamous Count Dracula. The show focuses on the heroes trying to put him down once and for all. The character development and lore accuracy has been praised by critics and while it is definitely R rated, if you are old enough to watch the series, it’s one you can really sink your teeth into… Get it?

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