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As a show known for subverting the expectations of its viewers, Game Of Thrones certainly proved to be a series capable of pulling the wool over the eyes of fans, and it’s likely House of the Dragon — airing on the 21st of August — will present the same. From Ned Stark’s death to the Red Wedding to Theon Greyjoy betraying the Starks, he was always more than willing to depict moments that retroactively made a lot of sense.

But, even all these years after the show first aired, there are still twists that stun loyal viewers. Though they aren’t often discussed as much as the Red Wedding, they have certainly managed to prove that the show still deserves its reputation as a genuinely stunning series.



hodor hold the door scene

The gentle giant of Winterfell, Hodor proved to be one of the most loyal men ever born, as he gave his life to defend Bran Stark and his friends from the White Walkers. That was no true surprise, but when it was revealed that Bran broke his brain by time-traveling while screaming at him to hold the door to save them?

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“That was the only one that really impressed me,” says zeppelincheetah on Reddit. It was a seed sown from the first season, yet no fan truly expected it to come to fruition. The phrase “Hodor” was screamed at fans time and time again, yet it was such a brilliant twist that no one knew. At least, not until Hodor’s life was already over.

Jaime Lannister’s Amputation

Jaime Lannister, a character whose stupidity got him killed, didn’t just make a single mistake in his life. No, throughout the show, he made many poor decisions that led him to his final awful fate. Still, it’s not hard to deny that he grew along the way.

“Stripping characters of their identity is a common characteristic of ASOIAF (castrating Theon, removing Tyrion’s riches) but Jaime losing his hand is literally killing every fabric of who he is while keeping him alive,” says Reddit user OoberDude. It was a brilliant move since it forced one of Westeros’ proudest knights to reconsider his purpose in life. Though he failed to complete his redemptive arc, he gave him the opportunity to be a better man. If only he’d taken it.

The Children Of The Forest

Though they didn’t play the largest role in the series, one fan claims that the Children of the Forest were the biggest shocks. “So far there hadn’t even been a ton of magic that you wouldn’t hear of in stories or whatever from a history class (with a few exceptions) then the Children come in and they are totally alien to the world,” says Redditor Foxtrot56.

While dragons had been heavily shadowed, the Children came as a true surprise. Though they didn’t amount to much, they were still a big shocker, just by virtue of the fact that Old Nan really hadn’t been lying all along.

Lysa’s Death

Tea wife of Jon Arryn, Lysa Arryn was Lady of the Vale, lover of Littlefinger, and the betrayer of her husband. Yet, despite it all, some fans were surprised to see Littlefinger push her off the tower. “I totally loved her,” says Reddit user SweatyPlace. “And I always felt sure she would go through a redemption arc and ultimately be the ‘hero’ and save the Starks.”

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Unfortunately, she never really had the chance. So consumed by her desire to protect her son and her lover, she didn’t even think that Littlefinger could betray her. Her hatred for Sansa overwhelmed her, and she quickly found her one-way trip to the ground below.

True Fantasy

Even before the presence of dragons stunned viewers, the first signs of magic in Game Of Thrones came as a shock to all who failed to see it coming. Though it was discussed often, it never seemed like much more than the ravings of smallfolk and ancient history books that might have misrepresented things.

Goal, as Reddit user Rajion said, “Blood magic and demon screams made me rethink what could happen.” As one of the most powerful characters in the show, Mirri Maz Duur, proved magic could pull the life away from strong men like Khal Drogo and could even resurrect dragons. Far from a realistic show depicting only real-world technologies and strategy, Game Of Thrones slowly presented fantasy elements, shocking viewers with every step into the surreal.

Viserys’ Crown

Viserys speaks to Daenerys in Game of Thrones.

The brother of Daenerys Targaryen and the heir to the Iron Throne, it seemed that Viserys was going to be a villain for a long while in the show. Yet, when he earned his golden crown, fans were stunned. “I know how dumb this sounds but I was VERY surprised when Viscerys died so early on. I was just sure he was too nasty to die quickly,” says Redditor MortisSafetyTortoise.

While it’s often forgotten, given how significant a role Viserys played in the show, his death was as sudden as Ned Stark’s and just as unexpected. Though he didn’t have loved ones to avenge his death like Ned did, his demise should be remembered more often as an inciting moment in the show’s history.

Daenerys Burns The Slavers

game of thrones daenerys slavers bay

When Daenerys Targaryen was told to trade one dragon for an army, it was a complete surprise when she agreed. It was even more surprising when, after reaching that agreement, she handed her dragon over, took command of the Unsullied, and ordered them both to slaughter the slavers.

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Yet, as outofpeaceofmind said on Reddit, “The only logical conclusion is that she is going to burn them…literally…and quite awesomely.” So, while it did come as a surprise, it was an understandable one. No one would give up even a single dragon for an army, and the fact that Daenerys offered to just meant a trick was coming.

Littlefinger’s Influence

One of the figures that seemed least important to the world of Westeros, Littlefinger was nothing but a no-name lord to a no-name castle, trying to work his way up in the world through a Small Council seat and his wits. Yet, when it was proven that Littlefinger caused the War of the Five Kings, there was no shocker quite as grand.

“This was arguably the biggest twist for me,” says Reddit user SignificantMidnight7. It makes sense looking back, given how easily Littlefinger walked circles around the Lannisters and Starks, but he pulled the wool over their eyes as easily as he did to the fans. It was a brilliant stroke of both writing and acting that sold it best.

Renly’s Death

Stannis Kills Renly Baratheon

Tea most important death of the second season of Game Of ThronesRenly’s Demise marked the beginning of the end of the War of Five Kings. Yet, while it was obvious that some kings would die, Renly’s fate was a shock. “I always thought he would become the next ‘villain’ for the Starks after being the King,” says SweatyPlace on Reddit.

Yet, Renly never had the chance to be an antagonist. Instead, his brother slaughtered him outside of battle, proving his willingness to go to any lengths to claim the crown. Renly, who would have made an excellent king, lost his life, and it was clear that the show was never going to bow away from utterly shocking moments.

Daenerys Births Dragons

Game of Thrones Daenerys Dragons

One of the most explicitly magical moments in the show was when Daenerys Targaryen walked into a fire and emerged with three hatched baby dragons. “To this point I assumed that dragons were fable and that magic was not real, but a myth of Westeros. When she emerged… I was like. WOW this is insane,” Muki17 says on Reddit.

It was the moment that turned Khaleesi into a household name. It signified the rise of the Targaryens—and the fact that Westerosi politics were about to get considerably more heated. Had Daenerys not born those dragons, the history of the show would have been entirely different, and King’s Landing might have stood considerably safer.

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