Where is the Third Season Streaming?

zaib055June 26, 2022

It has been quite some time since we last saw hitman turned actor, Barry Berkman (otherwise known as his stage name, Barry Block). Essentially a far darker and grittier version of Get Shorty, barry captured the hearts and minds of viewers almost instantly following its Season 1 premiere in 2018, with its phenomenal performances, brilliant editing, and wickedly dark sense of humor. It’s been three years since that jaw-dropping cliffhanger reveals at the end of Season 2, having been heavily delayed by complications caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the long wait is nearly over, with the Season 3 premiere being mere days away.

But what day is the premiere? What channel/streaming service is it on? Will NoHo Hank still be one of the funniest characters currently on television? All those answers and more will be revealed shortly below.


Thought to answer the last question, yes. Obviously he will be.

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What is ‘Barry’ About?

In case you haven’t gotten the chance to watch barry yet, the Get Shorty comparison mentioned above sure rings true, following a criminal who gets seduced by the shining lights and stars of Hollywood.

Instead of a gangster wanting to produce a movie, the titular star is an assassin for hire and ex-Marine who dreams of becoming a professional actor. While on a seemingly simple job, Midwestern hitman Barry Berkman finds himself searching for his next target in Los Angeles. He finds his mark in an acting class, taught by an eccentric and passionate acting coach, where he falls in love with not just another student, but also with the art of acting itself.

What follows is a deliciously dark comedic tale about a man who is desperately trying to become a better person despite a heavily damaged moral compass. Despite trying to move on from his past, Barry constantly finds himself drawing from his traumatic experiences to bring about better acting performances, creating a tense, yet hilarious, balancing act.

Who Stars in Barry Season 3?

Since its conception, barry has been the passion project of Saturday Night Live alumni Bill Hader. Not only is Hader the star of the show as Barry himself, but he’s also the co-creator, director, writer, and producer for the hit series. Those familiar with his work will certainly see his unique comedic presence on display once again in barrybut those very same people may be pleasantly surprised by his impressive serious acting chops proving he has much more range than some initially expected.

The collection of side characters is also just as engaging, Fonzie himself, Henry Winkler, plays Gene Cousineau, Barry’s goofy and lovable acting teacher, in one of the best performances of his entire career. Along with him is veteran character actor Stephen Root as Fuches, Barry’s “fixer” of sorts, and relative newcomer Sarah Goldberg as Barry’s classmate and love interest Sally. And last but certainly not least, there is Gotham‘s Anthony Carrigan as NoHo Hank, whose attitude of treating the criminal underworld like a cliché high school movie instantly made him a fan favorite.

Is Barry Season 3 Streaming?

Yes it is! barry is an HBO production and as such it will be available on HBO Max in addition to the HBO channel. If you don’t have HBO, then to quote NoHo Hank quoting Sonny & Cher“That’s on you, babe”.

Are Previous Seasons of ‘Barry’ Available on HBO Max?

Yup! Whether you’re discovering barry for the first time or in need of a refresher after the show’s three-year hiatus, you’re in luck. Both of the prior seasons are available to stream on HBO Maxand with only eight thirty-minute episodes per season and with almost each one containing an unexpected cliffhanger, it’s one of the easiest shows to binge-watch on the platform.

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When Does Barry Season 3 Premiere?

barry returns to HBO on Sunday, April 24th at 10 PM ET/PT, premiering on both cable and streaming at the same time. New episodes will air every following Sunday at the same time. Here is the show’s landing page on HBO Max, so you’ll know exactly where to go when the season premiere drops.

How Many Episodes Will Barry Season 3 Have?

Just like the last two seasons, barry Season 3 will have a total of eight episodes, each one expected to be approximately thirty to forty minutes in length.

Will There be a Barry Season 4?

While the wait may have been excruciatingly long for the third season, the fourth should hopefully not take as long, as it’s already confirmed to be in active development. In an unusual move for an eight-episode series, Bill Hader has actually been signed on to direct every episode of Season 4, so it will certainly be interesting to see his impressive directorial style take center stage.

Watch the Trailer for Barry Season 3

If you feel like you’ve finally waited long enough to see what barry gets up to next, you can get a slight taste of what’s to come in the trailer below:

Other Shows Like Barry

barry historically has been a short show with short seasons, so here are some alternative options to keep your attention when you’ve finished all it currently has to offer:

Mr. Inbetween (2018-2021):

This FX series is so similar to barry that it could almost practically be considered Australian barry. That’s not to say it’s a rip-off (which seems unlikely given that both shows first premiered the same year within months of each other), as Mr. Inbetween still feels like his own thing despite also being about a hitman trying his darnedest to be a better person. The big difference is the title character, with Scott Ryan‘s Ray being noticeably more charismatic than Barry’s often introverted personality. Mr. Inbetween is available to stream on Hulu.

The Sopranos (1999-2007):

David Chase‘s love letter to gangster cinema is considered today as one of the best crime shows of all time, but many seem to forget its comedic, satirical roots. While yes, it’s less on the nose than most satires, The Sopranos still is constantly taking jabs at the genre it’s a part of, with too many alumni from Goodfellas appearing to count. It’s another show that follows a character who desperately wants to believe they are a good person despite their illegal profession. The Sopranos is available to stream on HBO Max.

breaking Bad (2009-2013):

Recommending this show almost feels redundant since it’s hard to imagine a person who hasn’t heard of it, but if you haven’t seen breaking Bad by now, do yourself a favor and do so. Most thought this was going to be a silly show when the early images showed Hal from Malcolm in the Middle in his underwear, but the longer the show went on, the more people fell in love, hated, and fell in love again with Walter White. breaking Bad is available to stream on netflix.

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