Game of Thrones’ Joseph Quinn recalls his Stranger Things Season 4 audition

zaib055June 26, 2022

Game Of Thrones had an amazing cast and crew, and they have established themselves as some of the best talents in the television and film industry. They are everywhere, from DC to Marvel to Stranger Things and the upcoming Lord of the Rings TV-series. While many would recognize Tom Wlaschiha (Jaqen H’ghar) as the Russian guard who helped Hopper escape in Stranger Things Season 4, and a few more would remember Joseph Quinn (Koner) as the leader of the Hellfire club Eddie Munson.

At first, Quinn couldn’t believe he was chosen for a role in the wildly popular Netflix series. In a recent interview with vulnerabilityhe reminisced, “God, I remember sitting next to Jamie [001/Vecna from Stranger Things] during our first table read. He was telling me about his process and it sounded pretty weird. But I think it was necessary for the character he played.”


“My audition was pretty straightforward in comparison. Back home in London, I sent two tapes to the Duffer brothers. I sent one, they asked for another, and then they offered me the part. It was disarming. I had never worked in America before, and my friends and colleagues would talk about these grueling, gladiatorial auditions. Going back to expectations, I expected nothing from those tapes. I feel them off and they gave me the part. I don’t understand why but I’m very glad they did.”

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