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zaib055June 26, 2022

Like every week, the Epic Games Store updates on Thursdays and offers one or two games (or even three sometimes) to download for free. This is also what makes the strength of the platform compared to its competitors and it must be admitted that, from time to time, the games offered send heavy. This week, Epic Games is spoiling us with not one but two free games, joining the long list of June 2022 free games.

A Game Of Thrones: The Board Game Digital Edition: The free game of the week

This is the digital adaptation of the hit strategy board game created by Fantasy Flight Games. Over the course of a game, players must expand their influence over Westeros by crafting strategic plans, forging shrewd alliances, and imposing their military might. As the ruler of one of the Great Houses, the choice is yours: will you take your place on the Iron Throne through force, diplomacy, popular support, or cunning?

  • Duration of the offer : from June 23 to 30, 2022
  • Initial game release : October 2020
  • Usual price : €19.99

It should be noted that the two extensions available in the store are not included in the offer. If the game appeals to you, you can get the A Game of Thrones – A Feast For Crows and A Game Of Thrones – A Dance With Dragons DLCs for €4.99 each.

Car Mechanic Simulator 2018: the second free game of the week

Build and expand your auto repair empire in this highly detailed and realistic simulation game, boasting incredible attention to car detail. Find unique classic cars in the new Barn Find and Junkyard mods.

  • Duration of the offer : from June 23 to 30, 2022
  • Initial game release : July 2017
  • Usual price : 15.99 €

So you have until next Thursday to get them for free. This obviously requires an Epic Games Store account, logging into the platform and, in most cases, adding a payment method (don’t worry, the games are at 0€ and nothing will be taken from your Bank account).

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Find the list of free games currently available for download for the month of June 2022: list updated weekly. Epic Games Store does not change its good habits with a game per week which will thicken your library a little more, every Thursday at 5:00 p.m.

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