Jon Snow Fan Poster Imagines What Game of Thrones Sequel Could Look Like

zaib055June 18, 2022

A new fan poster imagine what Kit Harington will look like when he returns as Jon Snow in the recently reported Game of Thrones sequel show.

HBO’s upcoming Jon Snow Game Of Thrones sequel show gets a cool fan-made poster. Kit Harington originated the heroic Snow on season 1 of GoT. Snow would soon become a fan favorite character, ultimately surviving the carnage wrought by his relative and lover Daenerys in season 8.

Though season 8 would prove to be controversial among Game Of Thrones fans, HBO still has a desire for more content set in the show’s rich and sprawling fantasy world. Soon to arrive is the first spinoff show, the prequel House of the Dragon. Other titles reported to be in the works at various times include The Sea Snake, Ten Thousand Ships, The Tales of Dunk and Egg, The Golden Empire and Flea Bottom (the status of all these reported spinoffs is not currently known). And just a few days ago, that list got one show longer as it was revealed that a spinoff centered on Harington’s Jon Snow is currently in the works. The series will be a sequel set after the events of season 8.


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Fans of Harington are indeed excited to know that the actor is coming back to play his most well-known character. fan artist AGT Design was even excited enough to put together a poster imagining the return of Snow in HBO’s upcoming series. See the art in the space below:

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The poster indeed doesn’t stray too far from the Jon Snow fans know and love, as it features him wearing his familiar Night’s Watch uniform and brandishing his sword. There’s also a glimpse of Snow’s direwolf Ghost, who of course was reunited with Snow in the Game Of Thrones final episode. It’s a fair bet that Ghost will be back when Jon Snow’s spinoff show arrives, though how much he’ll be featured is tough to say, given the expense of CGI. The new poster does also feature a ghostly image of someone who might be Tormund Giantsbane, the fan-favorite GoT character played by Kristofer Hivju. Tormund of course was with Snow in the final Game Of Thrones episode, storing hopes that the character will also return.

It remains to be seen what new adventures Jon Snow will experience when he returns to HBO. But given what Snow has already been through, including literal death, the spinoff show will have a tough time making his new exploits more dramatic than what already happened to him on Game Of Thrones. Indeed it can be argued that of all the characters who survived GoT, Snow might be the least interesting one to continue exploring. But Snow was also the most unambiguously heroic character on GoTwhich arguably makes him the safest one to keep bringing back for more adventures.

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