10 Best New TV Shows Of 2022, According To Ranker

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Nearly halfway through 2022, TV fans are struggling to stay on top of all of their favorite shows. It’s almost impossible to keep up with everything that’s current when it seems there are great shows premiering or returning nearly every week. From original stories to book adaptations to superhero showdowns, there’s something for everyone in 2022.

Fans on Ranker have decided on their favorite new shows of the year so far. The entries include hit television shows from various streaming services, in both long form as well as limited series. With all this great content, it’s exciting to imagine what’s still to come this year.

Note: Ranker lists are live and continue to increase votes, so some rankings may have changed after this publishing.


10 Moon Knight

Moon Knight Episode 5 Marc & Steven

The MCU taking to Disney+ has expanded its relation with some of its underutilized movie characters, and introduced new ones entirely. Oscar Isaac made his premiere as the superhero Moon Knight in the limited series which began in March and ran until May 2nd.

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The series starts out slow and doesn’t possess the fast paced, CGI heavy action that fans might be used to in a Marvel property. Moon Knight takes a more psychological approach to the genre. The show was well reviewed, but the slow start caused for a lower ranking from fans.

9 Vikings: Valhalla

Leif asks for help in Vikings Valhalla

vikings was a major success, offering fans of historical fiction and fantasy another great show to watch alongside Game Of Thrones. Netflix’s Vikings: Valhalla offered another peak into this universe, with unfortunately less success.

The eight episode series received mediocre reviews, but performed well enough to earn itself a second season on Netflix. Historical fiction genre shows and movies often appeal to a niche audience, so its likely that even with the lower scores, the show still did well with its targeted audience.

8 Reacher

Alan RitchsonJack Reacher

Amazon Prime’s latest adaptation of Lee Child’s jack reacher series of novels was a major success. The previous adaptation, starring Tom Cruise, wasn’t successful enough to merit sequels. Unlike the film version, the Reacher series will be returning for a second season after the first achieved critical acclaim.

The show stars Alan Ritchson, an actor with a portfolio of well known television roles in shows like Titans, Smallville and Blue Mountain State. Reacher delivers a series that remains faithful to the beloved novels while also offering an alluring and action packed experience for TV fans.

7 The Dropout

Elizabeth Holmes smiling feintly in The Dropout

A story based on real events, with a terrific cast, formatted to an eight episode miniseries is the formula for success for a streaming service right now. Hulu’s The Dropout delivers in this category, appealing to audiences with actors like Amanda Seyfried, William H. Macy, Naveen Andrews and Alan Ruck.

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The Dropout earned solid ratings on both IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes for its story about disgraced biotech entrepreneur Elizabeth Holmes. The highlight of the series has been Amanda Seyfried’s performance, which has gained critical acclaim for its accuracy.

6 Peacemaker

peacemaker trailer 2

Director James Gunn hits the ball out of the park with The Suicide Squadand furthered his success in the DC Universe with the HBO Max series Peacemaker. The show is hilarious, touching, and also manages to dip into the DC lore with cameos, references and more.

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John Cena’s starring role has had a great reception from fans, as many doubted the former wrestler’s acting capabilities. Cena is perfect in the movie and show, and the smash hit earned itself a second season. Peacemaker is also the type of series which can appeal both those who are and aren’t fans of the superhero genre.

5 Slow Horses


Apple TV+ is one of the many platforms that have arisen the past few years, causing TV fans yet another necessary subscription in order to keep up with all of the great content. With Academy Award caliber talent like Gary Oldman and Jonathan Pryce in a show, it’d be hard to skip out on Slow Horses.

The show, which follows a British spy organization, follows a team of misfit spies that are put into a bizarre but dangerous situation. A character driven tale, Slow Horses offers a rich pallet of personalities, offering strong drama and witty humor.

4 tokyo vice

Jake and Katagiri walking in a park in Tokyo Vice.

tokyo vice is the go to show for crime thriller fans in 2022, as the series’ first episode is directed by one of the great directors of the genre, Michael Mann. The legendary filmmaker sets a stylized tone for the whole series, which, paired with the talented cast, makes for a fun international adventure. Much of the cast of tokyo vice can be found on social mediaactively posting about the series.

Filled with Japanese culture, language, and acting talent, the series offers a gateway into the dark underbelly of Tokyo. The series follows Jake Adelstein, played by Ansel Elgort, an American journalist investigating a series of killings in Tokyo, and Ken Watanabe, a detective in a corrupt system doing his best to put together a high profile criminal case.

3 Severance

Adam Scott in Severance

Like Lost gold Westworldevery once in a while a show will come around that offers its viewers a wealth of ideas to theorize over in between seasons. Severance is the new show for those fans, as its nine episode first season will leave viewers with more questions than they started.

Starring Adam Scott, with supporting roles from John Turturro, Christopher Walken and Patricia Arquette, Severance has an incredibly talented cast of veterans and young actors alike. The high acclaim for the show is due to its thought provoking and relatable storylines, leaving many highly anticipating Season 2.

2 The Staircase

The Staircase Interview

HBO has a history of well written, well acted, and all around great miniseries, making The Staircase the latest entry on a long line of success. The story revolves around Michael Peterson, an American novelist who came under controversy in the early 2000s for the trial of his wife’s death.

The show boasts a strong cast of actors, including Colin Firth, Toni Collette, Parker Posey, Michael Stuhlbarg, as well as Game Of Thrones’ Sophia Turner. The Staircase capitalizes on the cultural attraction to the true crime genre, making it high on the ranking.

1 We Own This City

Wayne makes a drug bust in We Own This City

Essentially the successor to TheWireTV producer and writer David Simon has returned with another critically acclaimed hit about Baltimore. We Own This City has a strong cast of recognizable actorsincluding many alum from TheWire.

David Simon, known for his faithfully realistic style of storytelling, tells a tale of crime and police corruption in the show’s eight episode run. The show has many similar themes to TheWiretouching on the nature of corruption in American cities.

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