Jon Snow-centric ‘Game of Thrones’ sequel in development

zaib055June 17, 2022

British actor Kit Harington, who played this indestructible character when he was exiled from Westeros at the end of the series, should take over the role of Jon Snow if the project succeeds, specify the HollywoodReporter and varietyciting unnamed sources.

HBO declined to comment and representatives of Kit Harington, contacted by AFP, had not reacted Friday at midday.

Several spin-off series already planned

Several other series derived from the “Games of Thrones” universe created by novelist George RR Martin are already scheduled.

The first, “House of the Dragon,” is slated to begin airing in August, and three animated “prequels” are also planned.

The series dedicated to Jon Snow would be the first to take place after the events that ended the series “Game of Thrones”, which ended in 2019 on an eighth season which divided fans a lot.

If many main characters are dead – a trademark of the series -, Jon Snow learns that he is the potential heir to the Iron Throne reigning over Westeros, a kingdom he finally leaves to go into exile in the icy and hostile lands of the North.

His character had already created a surprise after being resurrected without warning during a previous season.

Mixed fans

News of a possible sequel shared with fans on Friday, with some jumping for joy at the prospect of reuniting with one of ‘Games of Thrones’ most iconic protagonists, while others questioning the logic behind the move. after a disappointing final episode in their eyes.

Since its launch in 2011, the series aligning noble families who tear each other apart, epic fights, dragons and sex scenes, has been a worldwide success, collecting a total of 59 Emmy Awards, a record.

George RR Martin has still not completed the series of novels from which the series was adapted. Last year he signed a contract with HBO – which would reach tens of millions of dollars according to specialized media – to develop series in the universe of “Game of Thrones” and others.

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