HBO – HBO is planning a Jon Snow (Game of Thrones) spin-off

zaib055June 17, 2022

On the model of the series Star Wars of Disney centered on emblematic characters of the saga, HBO obviously envisages a series on Jon Snow, one of the main heroes of Game Of Thrones.

Jon Snow

Series Game Of Thrones adapting the saga of Iron Throne by George RR Martin was obviously an imposing popular success and HBO logically intends to capitalize on the license, in particular through derivative series – starting with House of the Dragon which is scheduled to air on August 22.

Several series inspired by the universe of Game Of Thrones are already planned and HollywoodReporter understands that one more is added, having this time vocation to focus on the story of Jon Snow. The character was undoubtedly one of the most popular of the original series, in particular because of his career: we first discover him as a “bastard” collected by House Stark and he will finally impose himself on the throne of the North , then as one of the heirs to the iconic House Targaryen. His interpreter, actor Kit Harington, is probably no stranger to it either, and if this new series materializes, he would be destined to resume his role there.

At this stage, the project is not yet confirmed (as often in such cases, HBO will decide after writing a script, or even filming a pilot), but we nevertheless retain the strategy of the platform : as disney+ who imagines derivative series on the emblematic characters of the license Star Wars (first with The Mandalorianthen currently Obi-Wan Kenobi and soon with Cassian Andor Where Ahsoka), HBO also seems to want to capitalize on the popular characters of the saga of Iron Throne. And clearly, the world of Westeros has no shortage of heroes whose stories could feed standalone series.
For the record, besides House of the Dragonat least three live-action series adapted from the license are currently in the works at HBO, 10,000 Ships (on the story of Princess Nymeria) entrusted to Amanda Segel, Nine Voyages / Sea Snake (about the adventures of navigator Corlys Velaryon) written by Bruno Heller, and Dunk and Egg adapted from Tales of Dunk and Egg by Steve Conrad. Three additional animated series projects are also mentioned.

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