before Thor 4, Taika Waititi finally gives news of his film

zaib055June 17, 2022

While his Thor: Love and Thunder is preparing to take over theaters in a few weeks, Taika Waititi finally gives some news of his film Star Wars.

Quickly becoming an essential part of the Hollywood landscape, New Zealand filmmaker Taika Waititi has, since the success of his wacky Vampires in privacy in 2014, was entrusted with the management of several projects relating to little known franchisessuch as directing the latest installments of Thor’s solo adventures at Marvel, or even the next Star Wars.

A film as anticipated as sibylline for this new Lucasfilm production, the company having for a time moved away from dark rooms in favor of stories transposed to the small screen via the platform Disney+. After the very successful The Mandalorianthe significantly less good The Boba Fett Bookand the more recent (and very average) Obi-Wan Kenobiso it was high time for the famous space opera of return to the cinema.

Thor: Love and Thunder: photo, Chris HemsworthA new Star Wars all in serenity?

A first project directed by Patty Jenkins, subtitled Rogue Squadron was to mark the great return of this new franchise opus in theaters from December 2023. However, following some creative disputes between the director of Wonder Woman 1984 and LucasFilm executives, the film’s release has been removed from the Mickey calendar, and pushed back to a currently unknown date. As a result, company president Kathleen Kennedy said in an interview with Total Movie last May that the film directed by Taika Waititi, which remains untitled for the moment, should thus take advantage of this new calendar place in order to invest the rooms itself.

In full promotion of Buzz Lightningfor which the filmmaker doubles the character Mo Morrison, Waititi subsequently took the opportunity to communicate some news from his Star Wars to Screen Rantstressing in passing how much this new project would be different from the other opuses of the franchise:

The Mandalorian: photo (not one)The best of The Mandalorian

“That still remains to be seen. I don’t know, I’m always writing, having new ideas, new story arcs, and I have to make sure it’s a Star Wars movie. Because I could very well say “Oh hey, what if we just wrote a little thing, stuck it in space, and titled it Star Wars”, but that wouldn’t be a Star Wars movie, not without certain key elements, certain treatments. So I have to guarantee that it stays within a certain framework. »

Statements that are all in all very nebulous which however seem to ensure that the footage is doing well the whimsical and colorful paw of the filmmaker. If Lucasfilm is well known in the film world for excessively micromanaging the filmmakers at the head of their productions, it could well be that Waititi and his artistic signature escape, if not completely, at least on a certain scale, from this mode of management. too tightly framed.

Thor: Love and Thunder: photo, Chris HemsworthTaika versus Lucasfilm

In fact, if the scenario is still only one very embryonic stagethis new film should nevertheless happily benefit from the elements that have made the success of the filmmaker’s previous films, which should, we hope, achieve wake up a franchise that has become lethargic with time.

However, it is difficult to say anything at this still early stage of production. Ideally, LucasFilm taking part in the next convention D23 held by Disney next September, the latter may take the opportunity to communicate more information about the footage. Until then, Taika Waititi’s new movie for the MCU, Thor: Love and Thunderwill take over theaters from July 13.

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