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The sprawling, picturesque locations of Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla have enraptured gamers around the world since the video game’s release in November 2020. Ubisoft has reciprocated this support with a plethora of updates, as just last week they added an armory that can be built in the player’s Raventhrope settlement.

The game gives players the opportunity to dynamically explore English and Nordic locations ripped right out of history textbooks, as well as fictional places inspired by the Western world’s most celebrated fantasy storytellers. The best locations in the game are not only beautiful to look at, but resonate because they reference the rich lore of history, fantasy, and previous Assassin’s Creed games.


10 Isu Temple in Hordafylke

Characters at the Isu Temple in Assassin's Creed Valhalla.

Eivor’s adventures in Norway bookend a Valhalla playthrough, as she returns to her homeland with her brother Sigurd in the game’s climax. Here the siblings discover a hidden Isu temple, a gargantuan underground enclosure hidden beneath the snow and ice.

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The sheer size and majesty of this temple are such that one could forgive Sigurd for thinking that this is the entrance to Valhalla itself. The Isu structure is home to many juicy plot points including Basim’s betrayal, Layla’s death, and the return of fan-favorite character Desmond Miles.

9 Eivor’s Final Resting Place in New England

Basim visits Eivor's grave in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla.

Many Assassin’s Creed fans ride the modern-day sections in each of the games, but Valhalla’s brief detours to the year 2020 benefit from one of the series’ best present-day protagonists, Layla Hassan. In her gameplay sections, players can explore a small section of New England woods, and visit the grave of the game’s central protagonist, Eivor.

The player actually controls Eivor when they first visit the Americas in the 9th century, although at this point in history the new land is known as Vinland. Finding her grave here in the modern-day gives players the intriguing knowledge that at some point after the events of the game, Eivor returned to America and eventually settled down there.

8 White Cliffs of Dover in Cent

The White Cliffs of Dover as seen in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla.

The White Cliffs of Dover are another English landmark faithfully adapted by Ubisoft. Cent is one of the more barren regions on the game’s map when it comes to both visual flair and story content, helping these white cliffs stand out all the more.

This screensaver brought to life is an essential location to stop by and there are also loads of valuable fish to be found in the waters below, where the player can take in the view as they reel in their catch.

7 Stonehenge in Hamtunscire

Eivor Looks Over Stonehenge

By far the most detailed map in Valhalla is England’s, allowing players to see the country’s most famous landmarks as they existed in the 9th century. It’s great to take in the prehistoric standing stones of Stonehenge without the presence of tourists and flash photography, but this location is actually more notable for what lies underneath the monument.

Excalibur, the legendary sword of King Arthur is waiting below Stonehenge for any player willing to find all 11 mysterious tablets. These tablets can be obtained by killing the right zealots and spelunking the right caves, and the full collection will grant access to one of the best weapons in Valhalla.

6 Tyrion Lannister’s Cell in East Anglia

AC Valhalla Easter Egg Tyrion Cell

Hidden in the depths of Dunwic Ruins is a loving recreation of one of Game Of Thrones’ most iconic locations: Tyrion Lannister’s three-walled prison cell. This quick detour from England to Westeros is complete with a note found in the cell that quotes some of Tyrion’s lines from the hit show.

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The grim, blood-soaked world of Game Of Thrones feels right at home in a game like this, and fans shouldn’t miss out on this unique crossover. Visiting the cell feels fittingly spooky, as it’s hard to imagine how one could sleep there knowing they might roll right off the edge onto the jagged rocks below.

5 Heimdall’s Tower in Asgard

Eivor Jumping with Heimdall's Tower in the background.

Drink Valka’s first magic potion to be sent to the home of ancient Norse gods, where players have the opportunity to walk in the shoes of the all-powerful Odin and interact with the likes of Thor, Loki, and Freyja. All of Asgard is stunning to behold, and Heimdall’s skyscraping tower is the best place to take in the striking view.

Of all the game’s synchronization points, this throne tower is certainly the tallest. In fact, it’s one of the tallest buildings to jump off of in any video game. Leaping into the placid reflection pools below is one of the most exhilarating moments to be had in Valhalla, as Eivor picks up a ton of speed during the long way down.

4 The Coliseum in Lunden

Wide shot of the Roman Colosseum in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla.

Long time fans of the franchise have already parkoured their way through Victorian London in Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate, so it’s striking to see how different the city is one thousand years prior. The echoes of the Roman Empire are very present in Valhalla’s large metro areas, particularly the withered coliseum that looms over London’s city square.

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The player being able to climb the walls of a decaying Roman monument is a significant moment for this series. Tea Assassin’s Creed franchise has tackled many iconic moments in history, but fans are still waiting for a game centered on the age of the Roman Empire.

3 The Shire in Glowecetreswax

Eivor atop a mountain in Glowecestrescire in Assasin's Creed: Valhalla.

Tucked along the rivers of Glowecestrescire is an unassuming house that requires a key for entry. Behind the locked door is a note that includes many overt references to the beloved Lord of the Rings character Bilbo Baggins, as well as a ring that bears a shocking resemblance to that series’ iconic Ring of Power.

The One Ring to Rule Them All is actually not the only Lord of the Rings reference hidden in Glowecestreswax. West of the town of Glowcestre is a small grouping of houses that closely resembles The Shire. There were clearly some Tolkien fans on Ubisoft’s development team, celebrating their fandom with easter egg locations in the game.

2 Ravensthorpe

The Ravensthorpe Settlement

The most rewarding location to visit in the game is without a doubt the home of the Raven Clan, as it will continue to grow the more that Evior completes their conquest of England. Valhalla builds a rich Viking world to explore, and Ravensthorpe is at the heart of connecting the player to the real-life conquest of 9th century England.

This Raven Clan settlement is one of the many ways Ubisoft makes the player feel like a Viking. One of the things that makes Valhalla one of the best Viking video games ever is the choice it gives the player in almost every element of the game, and Ravensthorpe allows the player to build the Viking village of their dreams.

1 Serpent’s Tree in Jotunheim

Eivor before the Serpent's Tree in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla

Valka’s other hallucinogenic tonic sends Eivor to Jotunheim, the legendary home of the frost giants. It’s great to see another pillar of Norse mythology so lovingly adapted and rendered, especially the long and twisty Serpent’s Tree that seems to grow new branches before the player’s very eyes.

As a Viking, Jotunheim represents a very dangerous place for someone like Eivor. It’s therefore fitting that the Serpent’s Tree is such a confusing and deceptive location, as the appearance of the tree changes depending on where Eivor is standing. It’s worth it to work out the puzzle and climb the tree, as its inhabitants are actually alternate versions of Isu characters seen in previous Assassin’s Creed games.

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