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zaib055June 10, 2022

As filming draws to a close, a look back at what we know about the adaptation of The Last of Us for HBO.

It’s the end clap for The Last of Us ! Launched last September, filming is finally coming to an end. During the Summer Game Fest, Naughty Dog shared the good news with all fans of the license. It’s that friday june 10 that the teams will finally start the post-production stage. Back to what we know about the adaptation with Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey.

Who is in the cast?

HBO is a big family, and many actors are multiplying projects under this banner. While he now embodies Din Djarin in the universe Star Wars, Pedro Pascal had already made a remarkable appearance in an iconic series of the American channel. He camped a certain Oberyn Martell, whose disappearance will have traumatized generations of spectators.

This time, he will play the spiritual fathers for the young Ellie. Moreover, he is not the only actor from the series adapted from the novels of George RR Martin. He will indeed find Bella Ramsey. The young actress will play Ellie, the main character of the series. If you know his name, that’s normal. She had made a strong impression on the public with her incarnation of Lyanna Mormont.

The spectators of Game Of Thrones should therefore not be overlooked. Moreover, we will find Gabriel Luna (Agents of SHIELD) and Merle Dandridge as Tommy and Marlene respectively. Anna Torv will play Tess. Finally, Parks and Recreation fans rejoice, Nick Offerman is back in action. He is announced in the skin of Bill.

Yesterday, Naughty Dog also clarified that a cameo from the original cast was to be expected. Indeed, the faces of Ellie and Joel will make an appearance, no doubt the occasion for a quick tribute sequence.

The Last of Us
Credits: HBO

What is it about ?

Players are very familiar with the adventures of Ellie and Joel, the series intends to offer them a unique opportunity to rediscover them on the small screen. 20 years after the destruction of our modern civilization, Joel, a hardened survivor, is hired to rescue young Ellie from an oppressive quarantine zone. What begins as an innocuous mission, however, quickly turns into a brutal and harrowing journey into the hearts of the United States.

For now, it’s unclear whether the plot will deviate much from its source material. The presence of the creator in the development process nevertheless has something to reassure the last skeptics. According to information from The Hollywood Reporter, certain narrative arcs of the second opus could also be invited into the story. During an interview with our colleagues from IGNcreator Neil Druckmann gave more details on plot fidelity.

“We’ve talked long and hard about how Season 1 will adapt the first game.” He explains that he gave particular importance to the “philosophical subtext of history”. However, some details are subject to change. “As for anything superficial, like whether a (character) should wear this plaid shirt or that red shirt, it might or might not, but that’s far less important than getting to the heart of who those people are. , and the importance of the journey.”

The creator of the game says he saw his dialogues and his plot transform to adapt to this new format. Nevertheless, the series seems to be in good hands. It will obviously be a question of moving away a little from the action to focus on the drama which is played out before the eyes of the spectators. Some changes are therefore to be expected, but for a good cause.

Several seasons on the program?

HBO is betting heavily on this new production as the channel seeks its new global success. The disappearance of Game Of Thrones leaves a certain void, which this adaptation intends to fill. The group does not skimp besides on the means to put in images this epic zombiesque. During an interview for CTVBNewswe learned that the budget would undoubtedly exceed the $10 million per episode.

A colossal sum, but which is mainly explained by the amount of digital effect that the teams will have to include in the series. It remains to be seen whether the bill will be well spent. HBO has a solid reputation on this kind of ambitious production, we can already be reassured at the prospect of discovering this new world more real than nature.

Still, investing such a sum is not trivial for the channel, which has not yet formalized the start of a second burst of episodes. It will probably be necessary to wait until the release of the first episodes to know if the experience will be renewed. The first season will consist of 10 episodes.

Who’s in charge?

As we said above, this adaptation is in good hands. Neil Druckmann, the creator of the game, will write the scenario. He will not act alone since Craig Mazin will lend him a hand. This is not the first time that he has collaborated with the channel since he was at the creation of Chernobylanother big hit from HBO.

On the production side, Sony Pictures, Naughty Dog and HBO are invested in the project. Sony has also widely promoted this new co-production, with its Playstation Productions logo unveiled at the time of the release ofUncharted. It must be said that Sony licenses are beginning to impose themselves in Hollywood, with series god of war and Horizon Forbidden West in the program.

Moreover, it is Gustavo Santaolalla who will compose the original music. The composer awarded for The Secret of Brokeback Mountain was already at the origin of the partition of video games.

When is it coming out?

For now, HBO has not given a specific release date. However, she recently announced that it will not be possible to discover the series before 2023. Filming has just ended, we understand that the teams still have their work cut out for them before the big day. It is nevertheless rather reassuring, HBO does not want to rush things. This will also give players the opportunity to immerse themselves in the two opuses, to have fresh ideas at the time of the big launch.

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