Maisie Williams On If She’d Return For A Game Of Thrones Spinoff

zaib055April 13, 2022

Original series star Maisie Williams reveals if she’d ever consider returning as Arya Stark in a future Game of Thrones spinoff project.

Maisie Williams reveals whether she’d consider returning as Arya Stark in a Game Of Thrones spin off. The HBO fantasy show adapted from George RR Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire novel series ran for eight seasons from 2011-19, and for much of that time was one of the most acclaimed shows on television. It holds the drama series record of 59 Primetime Emmy wins, and while season 8 proved a divisive conclusion, many still consider it among the greatest TV shows ever made.

While it followed an ensemble cast of characters with interwoven narratives, one of the most popular protagonists was Williams’ Arya Stark, whose arc was one of the show’s most drastic. Though she endured many hardships, as did all the Stark siblings, her defiant spirit led to her being trained as a Faceless One, skills she then used to wreak havoc on her family’s enemies. In season 8, she became the one to finally kill the Night King and defeat the White Walker threat, making her one of the show’s most accomplished heroes.


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Now, in a profile for QGWilliams is asked if she would ever consider resuming her role in a future Game Of Thrones spin off project. While she doesn’t rule it out, she makes sure to say that her answer does not constitute a confirmation of any kind, and that no such return is currently in the works. That said, if an Arya comeback ever made sense for both her career and the Game Of Thrones universe, Williams would be open to the idea. Check out her full response below:

I’m not saying it would never happen, but I’m also not saying it in this interview so that everyone goes… [gasps] ‘The spin-off! It’s coming!’ Because it’s not. It has to be the right time and the right people. It has to be right in the context of all the other spin-offs and the universe of Game Of Thrones. […] It has to be the right time for me.

Maisie Williams as Arya Stark

The issue of Arya’s return is likely a contentious one for Game Of Thrones fans, even if most would love to get more of Williams’ beloved performance in the role. Viewers were so critical of the finale that many called for a complete remake of season 8, and revisiting any of the original characters in a future movie or show would have to contend with the weight of that backlash. While Arya is perhaps the least contentious choice to bring back, given that her story is largely seen to have lived up to its original promise, Williams’ careful consideration of the in-universe context before giving any approval seems like a wise move.

That said, the excitement for the upcoming Game Of Thrones spin off show House of the Dragon suggests that audiences aren’t unwilling to return to Westeros. The new series has the benefit of being set a couple centuries prior to the events of its parent show, meaning it carries none of the narrative baggage and has a real shot at recapturing the magic that ensnared so many worldwide. The disappointment of Game Of Thrones season 8 might even work in its favor, lowering expectations enough that any level of success will be appreciated by returning viewers.

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