After Game of Thrones, the incredible metamorphosis of Maisie Williams (PHOTO)

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Attention, Maisie Williams from Game Of Thrones has swapped her warrior costume and her sword for provocative clothes and outrageous makeup, in the Pistol series, soon to be broadcast on Disney+! Difficult to recognize her in her new role as a punk icon, judge for yourself.

You rememberArya Stark ? She is the young Maisie Williams who lent his features to this character who became cult in the series Game Of Thrones. The 24-year-old actress (she turns 25 on April 15) has now moved on and will soon star in the mini-series Pistol, of which a first promising trailer has just been unveiled and in which she appears transformed: blonde, diaphanous, very made up … Far from the young Arya Stark who was a little tomboy. This new series, as its name suggests, follows the iconic British punk band’s rise to fame, and is due next month on Hulu in the US and Disney+ in the United Kingdom and probably in France at the same time. Pistol should have six episodes.

What we know about Pistol, the new Disney+ series with Maisie Williams

In this series, Maisie Williams lends her features to Pamela Rooke, alias Jordan. Jordan was a fashion icon of the punk scene, she died on Sunday April 3 at the age of 66. Along with Maisie Williams, Pistol will star Anson Boon (1917) as frontman Johnny Rotten, Toby Wallace (The Society) as guitarist Steve Jones, Jacob Slater as drummer Paul Cook, Louis Partridge (Enola Holmes) in that of bassist Sid Vicious and Emma Appleton (The Witcher) in that of Nancy Spungen. The series, based on the memoir of Steve Jones, Lonely Boy: Tales from a Sex Pistolis performed by Danny Boyleto whom we owe the incomparable Trainspottingand written by Craig Pearce.

Pistol: when will the Sex Pistols series be released?

In the trailer, the group states that they will “wake up this country, even if it has to kill us”while Jordan states that he is “time to make a revolution among young people”. “Imagine stepping into the world of The Crown and Downton Abbey with your friends and shouting your songs and your fury against all they stand for”explains Danny Boyle about the series. “It was the moment when British society and culture changed forever. It was the detonation point of British street culture, where ordinary young people took the stage and poured out their fury and their fashion and everyone had to watch and listen and everyone either feared them or followed them”, adds the director. See you at the end of May to discover Pistol on Disney+.


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