Noel Fielding is Legendary Outlaw ‘Dick Turpin’ in New Apple TV Plus Comedy

zaib055April 12, 2022


Noel Fielding as infamous English outlaw Dick Turpin, riding soon on Apple TV Plus.

Apple TV Plus

Stand and deliver! Noel Fielding is going to play Dick Turpin. The Mighty Boosh and Great British Baking Show star will play the legendary historical outlaw in a new comedy-adventure series on Apple TV Plus.

The real Dick Turpin was a vicious bandit and highwayman in eighteenth century England, later romanticized into a heroic bandit somewhere between Robin Hood and Jesse James. This combination of whimsical star and semi-mythical antihero gives me hope it’ll be a treat for fans of HBO’s recent irreverently historical pirate comedy Our Flag Means Death. Sadly Apple hasn’t offered a premier date yet.

The series is written and created by Claire Downes, Stuart Lane and Ian Jarvis (The Outlaws, The Job Lot) and directed by Ben Palmer (The Inbetweeners Movie, Breeders). Fielding and Jeremy Dyson (League Of Gentleman) are also involved as script consultants.

Turpin has previously appeared in many plays, poems and novels, not to mention bawdy 1970s comedy Carry On Dick. His exploits inspired the iconic “dandy highwayman” style of 1980s pop star Adam Ant, who recorded a song titled Stand And Deliver after a highway robber’s reputed warning to victims. Real-life highwaymen were also the inspiration for underrated 1999 movie Plunkett & Macleane starring Robert Carlyle, Jonny Lee Miller and Liv Tyler.

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