‘House of the Dragon’ Release Date Rumor Debunked

zaib055April 12, 2022

Sadly, the latest rumor about the Game Of Thrones prequel House of the Dragon is not true. Some chatter on fan forums has spread claiming that House of the Dragon may premiere as soon as April of 2022, but a report by WinterIsComing.net seems to have debunked that idea. There’s no official release date for the prequel just yet.

Based on many factors including the production schedule of House of the Dragon and the first dates of previous Game Of Thrones seasons, a rumor developed in recent weeks claiming that House of the Dragon would premiere on April 3. Somehow, this date even made its way onto the show’s official IMDb page, which really got the rumor mill going. However, an official HBO Max Twitter account now called that date has “mistake,” and it has since been removed from IMDb.

With that rumor out of the way, there are frustratingly few clues we can look at to determine when House of the Dragon actually will premiere. In a post on his blog author George RR Martin once guessed that it would come out in the spring of 2022, although official sources have only ever specified the year, not the season. For a show with over a dozen CGI dragons, spring seems like an incredibly fast turnaround time.

Meanwhile, House of the Dragon star Paddy Considine told NME that he was still filming the show as recently as last week. These could be reshoots, but even so, it will likely take months of post-production to get these shots ready for HBO.

The last, and perhaps the least reliable clue is the promotion plan. HBO released a teaser for House of the Dragon back in October, and fans are expecting a full-blown trailer any day now. Over on Reddit, some are looking ahead to other HBO shows with big season finales coming, assuming that the network will debut the trailer during a commercial break in one of those shows. That means all eyes will be on Euphoria, The Guilded Age and Righteous Gemstones on their upcoming release dates, as well as other shows and movies when they become available.

Whenever it premieres, House of the Dragon is one of the most anticipated TV shows in the works right now. It takes place about 180 years before the main events of Game Of Thrones and tells the story of a civil war within the ruling Targaryen family. It is based on a storyline laid out in Martin’s latest book Fire & Bloodwhich is now available in print, digital and audiobook formats.

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