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zaib055April 11, 2022

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5th century AD. England is still called Brittany. With nascent Christianity, ancient Celtic traditions collide as the Roman Empire crumbles. At crossroads of History, the Kingdom of Kaamelott then appears as the new beacon of civilization. Invested with a Divine Mission, King Arthur tries to guide his people towards the light: “Lord, I will devote myself entirely to the noble quest with which You honored me. But with the team of Romanos that I walk around, it’s not going to be easy!” Surrounded by his Knights, King Arthur reigns over the Kingdom of Kaamelott. Kaamelott immerses us in the reality that hides behind the Legend of King Arthur: “professional” situations (missions, quest for the Grail, etc.) and family intrigues (meals, marital scenes, etc.) feed the backstage of the Legend . Based on the discrepancy between situations and dialogues (contemporary game and language), the humor of the series opposes the epic imagery of the Arthurian legend to an unsuspected daily reality. It is based on this torsion between the Legend of King Arthur, the divine nature of his aspirations, and the flatness of supposedly real situations. Alexandre Astier: “I like to break my knees with historical prejudices. In Kaamelott, Arthur is without nobility and his quest is reduced to an administrative and sluggish formality. Kaamelott, it should have been “The Lord Of The Rings”, but in the end, well, ultimately, no.”

The complete Kaamelott is available on Salto

You may or may not know it, but a movie Kaamelott arrives on our screens on July 21. And as a review, the French platform Salto had the good idea to FINALLY offer the entire series. These are therefore the 6 Kaamelott books which are streaming, news that will delight fans who will be able to follow up on their 56th rewatch of the series in the preamble to the film.

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