Is Casting Really A Problem With House of The Dragon?

D. CharlesApril 11, 2022

I’ve had so much optimism for House of The Dragon. I’m really excited to watch it and talk about the show. As a prequel series to Game of Thrones, I’m looking forward to revisiting the magic from Game of Thrones. However, some comments on my videos and on other content creator’s channels hit keep hitting back with their common catchwords. Every comment has the same tone. I made this video to open a discussion that can hopefully remain civil. If people want to accuse HBO of having a political agenda, or if George RR Martin is somehow pushing a narrative that’s not true to his books, I wanted to understand.

This video will be me trying my best to answer my question. What is the problem with House of The Dragon?
Most comments are about the casting, but if it’s more nuanced than that I want to understand that point.

This is not an attack of anyone’s opinions. After Game of Thrones Season 8, I understand concerns, but this issue wasn’t on my radar. We know the plot leaks, we know the source material and even how it ends! I think this show deserves the benefit of being viewed by fans before we start bashing the series for any type of social commentary. Read Fire and Blood if you really think this show will be about something else, please explain.

Thank you

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