How GBBO’s Giuseppe Dell’Anno Really Feels About Creating Confectionary Landmarks

zaib055April 9, 2022

While Dell’Anno’s edible rendition of the Leaning Tower of Pisa remained standing — albeit a bit precariously angled — he doesn’t think he’ll be creating any more confectionary landmarks in the future. In an interview with vulnerability, the “GBBO” Season 12 victor revealed he’s been asked to bake a Colosseum-shaped cake before — but said it was “not going to happen.” Because he’s a “home baker,” Dell’Anno went on to explain, he’s more focused on making baked goods that are tasty rather than showy.

Take, for instance, Dell’Anno’s tiramisu slices made from almond, coffee, and marsala mascarpone cream, a technical challenge contribution that earned him a hollywood handshakeaccording to Telly Visions. The bake may have been a creative, elegant take on a classic recipe, but it wasn’t over-the-top like his Leaning Tower of Pisa. “If I’m honest, I’m not into elaborately decorated cakes. If you look at my bakes, they’re not extravagant or whimsical,” Dell’Anno told Vulture. “So, that’s my long way of saying, no more Italian landmarks.”

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